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Maine Angora Producers


Maine Angora
Your Maine Source of Everything Angora
Quality RabbitsFiberYarnand Handcrafted Fashions
 2017 June
Maine Angora Producers is a group of independent farms and fiber artists.
Visit our website for more informationcurrent members and event dates.
We welcome visitors to our farms and fiber studiosbut please call ahead for an appointment.
Printable brochure of Maine Angora Producers

Acker’s Acres Angoras           Beth Acker
359 Gloucester Hill Road, New Gloucester, ME  04260
207-926-4921                      Email:
Website:   and
35+ years raising Angoras; currently have ~85 German and German-French Hybrids. Sell: Rabbits, Fiber, BunnyBlend ™ yarn, kits & patterns, handcrafted fashions. Also Chabe spinning wheels, drop spindles. Fiber Studio/Yarn Shop/Gift & Craft open, by chance or appointment.

B Bar C Farm               Penny Bohac-Cardello
410 Meadow Road, Hampden, ME 0444
207-862-3643                Email:
Specializes in breeding and sales of quality German Angora rabbits.

Barber’s Bunnies                    Anna Barber
844 Waldoboro Road, Bremen, ME  04551
207-529-5977                      Email:
14 years raising Angoras; currently has ~7 German [Import lines] & German 90+%/French Angoras. Usually has for sale: rabbits, fiber, yarn, needle-felted and Nuno felted items. Call to visit our bunny barn.

CrowsRise Farm                     Karen Cornell
205 Greenleaf Road, Anson, ME  04911
207-696-3345                      Email:
27 years raising Angoras; currently have 15 English. Usually have for sale: rabbits, fiber, yarn, kits & patterns, garments. Since 1987 I have created fluffy warm yarns and garments from my English Angora Rabbits. I comb the soft fur from them to handspin and handknit into durable hand-washable clothing. 100% Angora or Angora blend yarns, mittens, hats, sweaters, and more. Also felt hats. Custom made upon request. I also will work with your dog hair.

Dina Ford
76 Depot Street, Unity, ME 04988
207-680-8817 or                  679-7196             E-mail:
Has  raised Angoras for 10 years. Currently only has 2. Willing to answer any questions you might have about angoras.

Hidden Brook Farm              Carol Dennison
78 Chatham Road, Stow, ME 04037
207-697-2008                      Email:
20+ years raising Angoras. Mostly German/French crosses. Specializing in friendly, fiber animals. Also raise sheep, alpacas and fiber goats. For sale: fiber and yarns.

Nelson Rabbitry                     Judie Nelson
176 Bowden Road, Corinna, ME 04928
207-278-2361                      Email: none
Raising quality English Angoras, excellent stock and wool. English wool, blends, yarn and handknit products for sale. Can card and/or blend angora with sheep, alpaca or llama wool. Phone calls and visits welcome.

Off The Wall Emporium       Karen Hawkins
963 South High Street, Bridgton, ME  04009
207-647-3734                      Email:
Breeds: French Angoras
Products: angora fiber, angora yarn, hand spun, knit and woven items.Activities: spin, knit, dye, weave

Underhill Fiber Farm             Jenny Smith
50 Wilson Road, Gorham, ME  04038
207-892-2617                      Email:
10+ years raising Angoras; currently have ~15 French X Germans. Raising quality angoras for fiber and personalities. Customer service and happy bunnies are our goal. On our small family farm, we currently raise and sell Angora rabbits, Romney cross sheep, and registered Pygora goats. Hand spun yarns and fiber for spinning is available as well! We welcome visitors, questions, and custom orders.

White Berry Farm                  Sarah Berry
489 Rt202, North Monmouth, ME 04265
207-841-7925      Email:
15+ years raising English and German crosses. Sells rabbits, fiber, Art Batts, hats, felted bags & dolls. Angora blend Yarn & roving from farm’s Mohair goats and Finn sheep. 



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